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Why Storyseeking Liarg?  Why?
Look at our World.  It’s a beautiful gift, yet far too often unappreciated.

And look at us.  Nature and time have given us one advantage over other creatures in this world; our big ol’ cerebrums.  And this gift seems to sometimes go unappreciated as well. 

Work and school mostly give us mundane tasks to do, and then do again, and then again.  It’s time to start appreciating what we have.  Let’s use our minds to create and use this world to explore.  And here is where you can do both.

When I was a little Viking, I loved to write stories and read them to my parents and school mates.  But way back then, what was the best result for what I thought were mini masterpieces?  A round of applause from my family?  A published page in the school literary magazine few people would ever read?

Now that I’m an older Viking I still love to explore places I’ve never been, and rediscover places I frequent.  Sometimes all I need is a little extra motivation to get out there and start my adventures.

Hopefully, there are some like-minded Vikings out there who want to write, read and explore.  Here is the one place you can do it all.  If you are a writer, you can get your stories out there to the ENTIRE WORLD.  If you are a reader and an explorer, this is a place to embark on Quests that will have you appreciating our world, and appreciating the talents of a good writer.  If you are a writer, reader AND explorer....welcome to your Valhalla.

Realize your gifts.  Share your stories.  Get outside and search our world.  Who knows?  As we pursue our own personal quests.  Perhaps someday our physical paths will cross.

Regardless, we will have lived to appreciate our gifts.

 Liarg Yloh