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“Life without a quest is a waking death”  
  - Liarg Yloh
We are seeking the creative, the adventurous and the dedicated to be participants in a new phenomenon for the age old art of Storytelling.  Storyseeking combines the elements of a good short story with the thrill of a treasure hunt, together resulting in a fun filled adventure for the individual or a group of family and friends.  How does it work, you ask?  Read on friends....read on.

You will need a smartphone with a GPS, or a tablet with integrated GPS (they all have em’ nowadays), your best hide-n-seek skills from childhood, and of course....your wits!  You will choose from our website a location nearby where one of our Questmasters has created an adventure at a local park or public gathering place.  Once at the location, you can read the first chapter of the story from our website and at the end of that chapter there will be GPS coordinates you will have to follow to find a small vial (we call them SEEKACHES) which contains a password that you will enter on the website to get to the next chapter of the story.  These seekaches will be well hidden so as not to bring attention from the public, so you will need all of your skills and ingenuity.  Keep reading these chapters and following the GPS coordinates to new SEEKACHES until you complete the story and your Quest!  All the while enjoying the great outdoors and the creative genius of our Questmasters.
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Would you like to become one of our fabled Questmasters? Submit your story below and we will read it and let you know if it is Questworthy. If accepted, we will send you a QuestKit so you can build your quest at a park near you and track the seekers that are reading your story and enjoying your adventure.

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